You know how there’s so many things that need to be done, changes that need to be fought for and designed and implemented and evaluated and tweaked, on so many fronts, all at the same time? Systems and policies and models of care and access and research and – and – and…? All desperately needed and important and impactful and feeling so urgent.

But you know what?

We don’t need to do all of it. We can’t know all of it. We can’t do all of the things, all of the time. And we all have our own strengths, and interests, and passions, and our own way of being ourselves in the world and our own gifts to give. 

Some of us are drillers into necessary detail, some of us inspire and encourage, some of us model beautiful one to one care, some of us can strategise and manoeuvre and dance through those politics with skill and sharp grace, some of us quietly strengthen their colleagues, some of us can be the voice and some of us can be the listeners and gatherers of good and useful information, some can vision and some enjoy ticking off the tasks, some can fire up and some can persevere, some can write and some can do, and some sparkle us all up with their outrageous humour! And God, all of us muddle our way as best as we can, even within our gifts. And we all make mistakes, and sometimes when we’re leading up to our period or we haven’t had breakfast and our blood sugar doesn’t exist, or for no reason at all, we just are not our best. Even in our gifts, we are only human.

But how lucky that we don’t have to have all the answers, to all the things, all of the time. We have each other. And we love women, and birth, and babies. And together we’ll keep weaving together our gifts and we will knit a beautiful and deeply nourishing and life-affirming care for women and their babies and families. 

Dynamic collaboration. I can’t think of many things more vibrant, generative and heart-filling-up. 

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