You’re pregnant! Huge congratulations! And now – what exactly even happens in birth?? How can I prepare? How do I even know what I want for my birth…?
Join me to prepare for birth and early parenting – learn how to 
– work with your body for birth 
– how to most usefully support your partner as she works hard to birth this beautiful baby, and 
– how to best prepare together for this important and super special time of birthing and loving your new baby. 
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Also coming soon: The BIRTH ECOLOGY podcast is a series of interviews with leaders in their fields, related to birth. From the macro of systems design to the micro of hormone interplay, explore these conversations around how we can best work with birth for greater health in all aspects of being human.


Jessie Price is a midwife, writer and speaker who explores birth from an ecological, evolutionary perspective as a way of honouring all the various influences that weave together for birth’s journeying, in honour of our whole selves, communities and planet.


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