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evolutionary, ecological perspective, where birth and connection matters.

BIRTHWORKERS // Midwives/Doulas/
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Welcome to a conversation about
why birth matters and how we can work with women and birth to raise up health factors against risk factors in recognition of birth’s
interweaving with culture, place and care.

So thrilled to share with you how intelligent and beautiful the birth process is for us to fall in love with our delicious babies and thrive as new families.

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Online birth class package // CREATING NOW!

Due to increased hours as an on-call midwife, I am unable to offer live online classes anymore. Instead I am recording a fantastic video package with a little bundle of supporting resources – STAY TUNED! I’m super excited – it’s going to be super useful and practical as well as getting to the heart of…

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The same four quadrants can be a useful touchstone to check in with ourselves and how we are nurturing ourselves, both those working with birth, and new parents. We can check in with each quadrant and make sure we do smaller, self-nurturing things often, and larger self-nurturing things regularly. As new parents in particular, in…

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As I write, Australia is on fire. Lives, homes and precious ecosystems have been destroyed. There were barely any Christmas beetles this year, and I just saw only my second bogong moth this season in my smoke-dim garden. My kids are playing lego inside, and inside it’s smoky. This is human-made climate change in real…

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Love & warmth aid birth along. Fear hinders birth.

LOVE & WARMTH AID BIRTH ALONG. FEAR HINDERS BIRTH. If the acorn requires soil, rain, oxygen and sunlight, what can we extrapolate from the process of birth to understand its needs? The matrix it presupposes to exist for its best unfolding?   In essence birth requires love, safety and warmth.  This means birth requires respect, admiration,…

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