Being an adult means we don’t get to blissfully swim in the sunny illusion that life is simple – there are good guys and bad guys, we can know what is right or wrong at any one time, we can decide absolutely that a vaccination is wholly good or wholly bad, our immune system is righteous OR we care for our neighbours as ourselves. 

Being an adult means grappling with complexity: with eyes open, mind open, heart open. 

Usually we are imperfectly balancing risk against risk, moment to moment, with no way of knowing if we’re analysing it all correctly until hindsight tells us that this time we got the balance right, or we didn’t. Life is complex. 

Here’s the thing. Natural immunity is great. For those of us with the immune-boosting security of a safe home, safe income, and meaningful life, access to healthy food, ability to deeply rest and to exercise in sunshine – we have the privilege of shoring up our immune systems: with the radiance of privilege. A radiance that absolutely does not shine on every person equally. Because life is complex.

I get that in the States especially, people distrust Big Pharma – the government there is beholden to corporate interests and healthcare is tied to job security. I get that in the past there have been medications that have caused great harm, and there will be again. I know that vaccine injury can be real. I especially acknowledge the history of medical experimentation on people of colour. I know these vaccinations look like they have been “rushed through”. Most of all, trust in public communication has taken an absolute beating. Then add the changing nature of scientific advice, which does adjust as new data is updated and integrated. Those are a lot of really big elements to grapple with. 

Life is complex. 

So what is the best golden thread we can choose to follow as we negotiate risk and fear and staying safe? 

Choose what creates MORE connection. Choose what cares for the MOST, and the MOST DEEPLY. Choose what feels most like expansion and least like fear, for those with the least privilege among us. Let what radiance you have available to you spill over to engolden those with fewer resources, less strength, less capacity. There is fear on either side of any decision. So choose the fear that is most woven together with the greatest love. 

Life is complex. Choose to follow the love.