Birth’s micro to macro; macro to micro

There is no getting around it; our babies are born from us into this big, hard, beautiful world through our hard work and going deep. 

In valuing birth in all its muck and glory, we value all the flavours that Life brings, even as we bring new life into the world. Further than this – when birth runs its evolutionary course, it vitalises women and babies and awestrikes men. When radiant women and thriving children and respectful men thrive as families, society gains in oxytocin, cooperation, health, purpose, resilience, and capacity. When society gains in these things, nations are stronger, more cohesive, vibrant and dynamic, adaptable to challenge, and purposeful. When nations are mature, capable and creatively dynamic, the globe can be harmonious, dynamic, cooperative, globally effective in purpose. In every aspect of our lives, we contribute to the planet’s health and vibrancy, or not. Birth, with its radical laying down of brain pathways along oxytocin or cortisol lines, for women and babies and the men who are part of it, is a vitally important contributor to world health and harmony. I cannot overstate the importance of respecting birth, respecting women, respecting babies and loving respect for our beautiful planet, in moving us as a planet towards dynamic, adaptable, true healthfulness. I envision a future of local and globally dynamic, creative, collaboration that values Life in all its fullness, in ethical and responsible partnership with our beautiful home, this greater Mother Earth.

Knowing birth is our birthright as women. This work is my contribution to bringing that knowledge back to women, to hold in trust for ourselves and each other. Birth is profound, mucky, and real. It has meaning and it has value, in the very glory of its messy, beautiful, intense, infinitely precious unfolding. 

Giving birth, we are ALL IN. 

I approach birth from my ecological and evolutionary understanding, as much philosophy as science. There are various theories of how evolution and ecological relationships work, but the approaches that resonate with me appreciate the interconnection and complexity of Real Life. This understanding gives me such richness of meaning and purpose as a woman, mother, midwife and human being living on this beautiful planet, our greater Mother Earth who nourishes us all. It is a unity of science and spirit that recognises and holds sacred the health of ourselves, our communities and our planet. It acknowledges and validates both scientific and intuitive ways of knowing and being.

There is an overarching pattern to birth, and there are a million variations of unique birthing within that larger pattern. I will describe the larger pattern, and then also the various influences on birth that make each one unique – because it is the interactions of place, people, and perception that shape birth. I will explore how we can work with those influences to best align with evolution’s blueprint for resilience and love in birth and early parenting.