Due to increased hours as an on-call midwife, I am unable to offer live online classes anymore. Instead I am recording a fantastic video package with a little bundle of supporting resources – STAY TUNED! I’m super excited – it’s going to be super useful and practical as well as getting to the heart of what matters most – growing and enjoying your connection with one another as a new family. 


You’re pregnant! Huge congratulations! And now – what exactly even happens in birth?? How can I prepare? How do I even know what I want for my birth…?

Join me to prepare for birth and early parenting – learn how to 

– work with your body for birth 

– how to most usefully support your partner as she works hard to birth this beautiful baby, and 

– how to best prepare together for this important and super special time of birthing and loving your new baby. 

We will cover the normal physiological process of birth, and how to labour in alignment with your body, as well as assisted birth and all pain relief options; baby’s brain development and expectations for care; the early days of learning to breastfeed, and how to prepare as a couple, both practically and emotionally, for the arrival of this life-changing small human! Plus much, much more…

“Jessie is a fabulous birth educator. She’s engaging, funny, extremely knowledgeable and creates a welcoming atmosphere where you feel safe asking any and all questions. Mums and dads-to-be will leave her classes feeling excited and confident about what to expect before, during and after labour.”

TB May 2020

In this time of covid restrictions, the course bundle will be available online with warm and experienced midwife and educator, Jessie Price. Log in and watch whenever it suits you, take breaks, replay and refresh, all in the comfort of your own home (where your favourite snacks are!). It’s best to start the package when you are about 30 weeks-ish pregnant, to have time to discuss your choices and preferences with your care providers. I look forward to seeing you soon! 

“We are so thankful we did the 4 week birth classes with Jessie. As first time parents there was so much we didn’t know about the birthing process, both physically and mentally, and Jessie’s classes really helped us prepare for a birth where we both felt empowered and knowledgeable. Jessie is such a fantastic facilitator – her kind and thoughtful personality shone through, and she really kept the content interesting and exciting! The Zoom format also worked well!” – M & D, May 2020

M&D, May 2020

Learn the normal, physiological process of birth: how baby travels from the womb, to our arms. Hormones, movement in labour, birthing the placenta, eating/drinking in labour, the importance of skin to skin with our babies, delayed cord clamping, and so much more.

Learn ways to work with your body to enhance its inherent positive feedback loops for birth. How to maintain what’s most important even when birth may veer away from what we had planned. Assisted birth and caesarean section. Managing pain in labour: all the options. Jobs for support people!

How to prepare for the practical things, as well as how to prepare emotionally and as a couple for the early days and weeks with this life-changing new small human! What babies expect from us and from life, and how to juggle that with the realities of life in the 21st century! Also how to patch up bonding pathways if birth didn’t go exactly to plan or how we might have hoped. 

Overview of the benefits for women, babies and families. The realities of establishing breastfeeding in the first days and weeks: what to expect and how to thrive together.

COST: $220 per couple. This includes a video class package and a resource pack: a checklist for support people, worksheets for couples to prepare for life with this gorgeous new human, and a birth preferences template to discuss with your caregivers. 
If you are experiencing financial difficulties at this time, especially due to Covid 19, please be in touch about a discounted rate.

I can’t wait to see you and be part of helping you get ready for the birth of this beautiful baby!



“Jessie did a fantastic job of our birth classes which were held over Zoom. They were very informative and Jessie’s energy was so positive about the birth process that it has really helped me to feel more relaxed and excited about what is to come. The Zoom format worked really well, I highly recommend.”

JH, May 2020

“At first we were hesitant with the move online, but once we’d begun the classes we were really pleased to be able to do them online via Zoom. In this format, we were able to receive all the information and still engage as a group – all in the comfort of our own living room. Jessie Price was our presenter and we were so grateful for this. Jessie was a great facilitator who provided an extremely comfortable online learning space. She was warm, relatable and honest in her approach and was very open to conversation and feedback throughout the 4 sessions. Jessie shared the abundance of pre-natal information in a simple and digestible way, using props and videos, and regularly sought input from the group, which we believe helped keep us and others engaged and interested. The content was presented in a logical format and Jessie offered ample links to other resources in order to expand our knowledge. We were very pleased to be able to take part in her classes, and on completion felt so much more informed for the road ahead. Thanks Jessie!” – RB, May 2020

RB, May 2020

“We attended online birth classes which were facilitated by Jessie. The online delivery was very convenient for us as we could learn in the comfort of our own home which was ideal when heavily pregnant. The classes were intimate and very engaging, with Jessie’s delivery style being light-hearted and fun which encouraged everyone to be involved and ask lots of questions. We would recommend Jessie’s classes to all expectant parents.”

KJ, May 2020