As I write, Australia is on fire. Lives, homes and precious ecosystems have been destroyed. There were barely any Christmas beetles this year, and I just saw only my second bogong moth this season in my smoke-dim garden. My kids are playing lego inside, and inside it’s smoky. This is human-made climate change in real time.

The act of birthing a child into this climate is an act of rebellious hope! We add our birthing in a crescendo of oxytocin as a thread in the patching up and stitching together of enough love and connectedness and care to pull this planet and ourselves back from the brink of our own annihilation and towards a new and dynamic, collaborative, generative way of being, together.

May this be a year to fight and connect and be fierce in our protection of our children and our Mother, this beautiful Earth. Let’s commit to anything that grows connection, collaboration, action, hope, creation, proactiveness, growth and nurturance. I resolve to try to recognise and amplify everything that promotes connection, from the micro to the macro. This birth awash with oxytocin to permaculture to Black Lives Matter to equality and equity to carbon sequestration and seaweed farming and our rivers running again, alive with fish and turtles and frogs and birdsong and life.